Tavish Armstrong



Tell me about your life

I was born and raised in Aurora, Ontario, a town near Toronto. Between 2008 and 2014 I studied software engineering at Concordia University in Montreal. After graduating, I moved to San Francisco where I now build financial infrastructure at Stripe.

Professionally I am most interested in how social factors impact software engineering, empirical evidence in software engineering, mentorship, and reliability.

In my spare time I also enjoy reading, writing fiction, and making music. I am not good at these things, but they are fun.

What do you have to show for yourself?

When I was in university, I edited The Performance of Open Source Applications, a collection of case studies on software performance. The goal was to do for performance what The Architecture of Open Source Applications did for architecture.

I maintain or co-maintain the following projects:

I have contributed to the following open source projects:

How do I talk to you?

If you find me in person you can just talk to me! This is what I look like:

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Would you like to talk to me through the internet? You have many options: