Tavish Armstrong


April links

Thu 14 Apr 2011 22:49:00

Hungry judges are ruthless. This study finds that judges will not grant parole right before breaks or meals, or when they are tired. Assuming some pre-lunch cases deserved a favourable ruling (i.e. the judges were indeed being too heavy-handed with their pre-lunch cases), this suggests that you should avoid making difficult decisions when you are hungry.

Charlie Stross predicts that SpaceX could put a man on the moon by 2016 for \$1 Billion USD.

Fake Science is so amusing that I think some dopamines leaked out of my ear. (Thanks Helen!)

Simon paints awesome stuff.

Lachlan is saving Japan with his drone friends. His bass is like an earthquake that helps Japan instead of destroying it.

Concordia’s undergraduate student union is ridiculous. After a decent party finally got voted in, the guy in charge of elections, Oliver Cohen, decides both parties broke the rules, and thus we need to have a another election. The party that got voted in is not allowed to run again for two years.

Edit: I forgot: if you’re a software engineering student at Concordia, you can now plan your class schedule with the WolfDragonScheduler.